Over the past few weeks, I have noticed an increased amount of presence of news articles and advertising around the Common Core State Standards.  States who have adopted the CCSS are currently figuring out how to best implement these new standards.  It is a daunting task; to restructure curriculum around a new set of rigorous standards and skills that will be assessed K-12 by 2014.  States are providing educators with opportunities to review these rigorous standards.  Hopefully, our teaching professionals will have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback on the implementation of the CCSS. I have also seen an increase in education companies marketing new and improved texts and resources around the Common Core.  Education companies  and publishers are also providing workshops for teachers and selling resources on ways to embed the CCSS into existing curriculum.

Where does Core 4 All fit into the grand scheme of things?

For those of you new to our site, here is a little history about Core 4 All. We are four educators, three currently in the field and one who is recently retired.  We have designed a framework to help teachers create curriculum around the Common Core.  It involves a four-step process  (SACI) that provides teachers a systematic approach to design units of study that will give students a deeper understanding of the skills being learned.  Core 4 All believes it is the standard that drives curriculum, not the content.  We use the SACI process as we continue to restructure our units of study and we have witnessed an improvement of student skills based on formative assessments we created around the skills being learned.

Core 4 All provides professional development for educators.  Depending on your district’s needs, Core 4 All will design a workshop tailored to the desired outcomes of your district.  Please contact us (core4all@gmail.com) if you are interested in professional development.

The SACI process can be found in our e-book, Implementing the Common Core(2010).  Implementing the Common Core provides educators with:

Background knowledge of the Common Core State Standards initiative

Benefits of standards-based curriculum around the Common Core

Step-by-step process of creating units of study around the SACI process

SACI unit design template

Each district around this country is working towards meeting the needs of its students to prepare them for college and career.  It is a process that begins pre-K and continues throughout elementary, middle and high school.  Core 4 All understands that each schools’ needs are different.   We do not believe in a national curriculum.  We do believe in a standards-based approach around the Common Core, tied to content that will help students with their post-secondary endeavors.

These are exciting times in education.  Core 4 All’s SACI process will make curriculum come alive.