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I truly believe that in order for our children to be the leaders of tomorrow, we need to move to a standards-based curriculum.  Why do I make this statement?  We have all the pieces in place to make a positive impact on student learning and yet, as a whole, our educational system is not as connected as it should be.  Let’s look at what we have.

Common Core State Standards

The core of teaching and learning must come from these standards.  If you haven’t read our posts since August, I encourage you  to do so.  It provides justification why curriculum around the Common Core will better prepare our students for college and career.  The posts also give educators ideas on how to implement a standards-based curriculum.  If you do not have the time to read all our posts, we have synthesized that information in our free e-book titled Overview of SACI.  E-mail us at and we’ll send you a pdf of the book that you can copy and share with your colleagues.

Years of research by knowledgeable educators

We have of vast amount of information that can help us improve teaching and learning.  The work  of Robert Marzano and his What Works in Schools has transformed our way of educational thinking.  Douglas Reeves and his Leadership and Learning Center has provided us with a wealth of knowledge in the areas of accountability, assessment, school improvement and standards.  John Hattie and his Visible Learning Lab  has been successful in researching instructional strategies that can make a positive impact in classrooms.  Rick DuFour’s work on professional learning communities has provided schools with a framework for a “culture of
collaboration”. There are countless other outstanding researchers that we have read that have given Core 4 All the tools to help educators build a solid curriculum.


Today, information can be shared quickly all around the world.  The days of teachers closing their classroom doors and keeping their curriculum to themselves is over.  In order for a systematic improvement of student learning to occur, educators must build curriculum together around standards, create common assessments, analyze those assessments to guide their instruction and equally focus on teaching and learning. Technology can also help with collaboration as there is a plethora of ways to share ideas via blogs, Twitter, Google Docs and array of other avenues.

Next steps

We will soon be entering the sacred summer vacation.  Yes, we need the time to re-energize ourselves during this time, but it is also a prime opportunity to improve
ourselves as educators.  I encourage you to read the work of Marzano, Reeves, Hattie, and DuFour.  Core 4 All has dedicated its mission to provide educators with the resources to improve not only the learning of students, but also for teachers.