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A successful school should be measured by more than the academic achievement of students.  It is true that our main goal is to prepare students to be responsible citizens, ready to tackle the world in whatever endeavor awaits them.  We aim to academically challenge our students and give them the skills needed to be the critical thinkers, influencers and leaders of our society.  But how else do we measure success in a school?

This week, I am taking time away from the Common Core so I can share something with you that touches me during this time of the school year.

For the last four years, our school has been involved in school-wide fundraisers.  We have raised money for a variety of charities.  This year, our school focused on raising money for the American Cancer Society.  This is especially close to me as I lost both of my parents to cancer.  Throughout the course of the year, our school held various fundraising events and everyone from students, faculty, to the community contributed to the cause.  Last week, the school held its annual Spring Assembly, where we recognized our spring athletes, state qualifiers, conference champions and Special Education Basketball Team.  Our various dance clubs also performed a variety of numbers.  We even created our own human roller-coaster.  Awesome site!

We also had a special event during the assembly.  The school and community raised over $6,000 as several faculty members and students had their heads shaved on the gym floor.  One student had his hair cut and donated it to Locks of Love.

Just before the unveiling of the check, our principal asked all that have lost loved ones to cancer to standup. It was a somber moment to see the majority of the 2,500 students and staff standing up.  It put into perspective how deadly this disease is.  For me, the best part of the assembly was the presentation of the check to the American Cancer Society.  Once the check was revealed, the crowd erupted collectively.  We raised over $17,000 this year and in the last four years, we have raised over$70,000 to the four different charities!

School success is more than academic achievement.  It is the sense of community and a shared vision that brings a school together.  I am honored to be a part of this school.

If you would like to share any fundraising ideas, please do so.