As we begin the new year, we can’t help but be excited about the connections we have made during our first four months of existence. After the creation of Core 4 All, we began connecting with educators, edupreneurs and bloggers throughout the United States. Each one has something in common: A passion for what they believe in and a calling to share their ideas with others. Communicating with each one of our new friends have rejuvenated us in pursuing our dream to improve student achievement.

Walter McKenzie
We connected with Walter McKenzie through ASCD EDge. Walter is a passionate educator from Virginia whose interests are in 21st century learning. His blog on Mavericks, Martyrs, and Canaries, asked for a call to action among educators all across this country. He called on each one of us to be a ripple in the ocean. Each ripple would then cause a “tidal transformation” in education. We agree with Walter. Each one of us can make a difference and improve the state of education. Will you jump in and add a ripple to the cause?

Scott Messinger
We connected with Scott and his colleague Andy Hlavka because we wanted to know about their wonderful site Common Curriculum. Common Curriculum helps publishers and school districts publish their curriculum online and connect to the teachers that use it. Publishers use their platform to create and sell electronic editions of their curriculum. School districts, charter school networks, and after-school groups use their platform to distribute their instructional materials to teachers. They can also create curriculum maps and scope and sequences. Curriculum creators can align their resources to the Common Core standards and allow teachers to search for resources that are aligned to them. Take a look at their site. It is amazing.

Stephanie Fortson
Stephanie works as a social media partner with the PTA. She is a strong supporter of the Common Core State Standards. She is working with parents to better educate them on how the Common Core will better prepare our students for their post-secondary opportunities. One of Stephanie’s goals is to make parents aware that the Common Core is not just a national level agenda, but will affect each child locally. We need to ensure that parents are made aware of the great changes that are taking place.

Everett Bogue
Everett is a very successful blogger. He is a minimalist. If you don’t know what that means, check out his web site Far Beyond The Stars and one of his books The Art of Being a Minimalist. He taught us to write from the soul. He advised us to show a passion for what we believe in. We cannot thank him enough for his wisdom.

As we begin the new year, let us each look for ways to connect with people beyond the four walls of our classroom, school or district. The Common Core State Standards create a solid platform for teachers to connect and share ideas, speak the same common language and support one another locally and nationally. Implementing the Common Core will guide you in creating great units of study around the Common Core State Standards. Don’t wait for state policy to dictate the implementation of the Common Core. Revamp your curriculum using Implementing the Common Core.

The holiday season is a time for rest, renewal and reflection but a new year is here. A time for positive renewal and action plans. What is your plan for 2011?