What type of teacher are you?

  1. Are you focused on standards, student growth and achievement?
  2. Are you focused on creating an engaging atmosphere where students can become lifelong learners?

Did you pick?

I hope not, because these two categories are not oppositional.

If we want all students to learn we must nurture both elements in all schools and classrooms. Without a clear skills-based standard that creates a purpose for learning and system to monitor student growth we as educators will be aimlessly moving from one initiative to another and losing hope as students seem to become less and less capable.  Core4All challenges you to become a student growth and achievement activist.

The foundation of our system must be to:
     Prepare our students for the “real world”.
           Help students become successful in school and in life.

Students NEED a solid literacy and numeracy foundation. 

Years pass by and students move from one grade level to another without making enough growth. Why? Because measures aren’t in place to monitor and intervene until it’s too late. Then the cycle continues the next year and students fail again. Students, teachers and parents become disillusioned. We must STOP this cycle. This is why an achievement focus is crucial.

After we have established a solid structure that puts student growth at the forefront, then we must take a look at our classroom and our units.

Have I selected materials that will engage my students?
     Have I made connections to their lives?
          How will I motivate them?  

Create an atmosphere of engagement by allowing students to practice in cooperative environments and involve students in the assessment process. Why not have them create the rubric with you?  Allow time for self-selected reading for students to make meaning and share with others. When teaching skills and using best-practice strategies make sure that you are discussing a concept and using content that inspires not bores. Make sure your classroom is a safe place where inquiry is valued and students learn to question. Are you afraid of technology? Let your students take the lead (they love to see you learn and make mistakes) or go to that next training. Don’t have time? Then maybe something else has to go while we focus on what is important. When students are engaged they work. This is why promoting a love of learning is crucial.

So, what kind of teacher are you?  

Next time you feel you need to pick a side, make this your answer.

When students achieve, they become enraptured with learning.

Let’s go.   

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