According to Dr. Robert Marzano, Marzano Research Laboratory,,  teachers have the greatest impact on student achievement. Abundant research makes clear that teachers using best instructional practices and sharing those practices with others is the greatest approach to enhance student learning (Marzano, Pickering, & Pollock, 2001). The combination of the Common Core, along with proven research-based strategies and the creation of common formative assessments to measure student growth will enhance student achievement. Core4All advocates for a transformation in teaching using the Common Core State Standards ( as the foundation of classroom curriculum in the 21st century.  It must also be emphasized that the key to improved student performance is teachers creating, sharing, and delivering a relevant and engaging curriculum. Kathryn Au of the International Reading Association states:

It’s the expertise of the classroom teacher that will allow standards to elevate the achievement of each and every student in the classroom. Let’s keep in mind that standards don’t teach—teachers teach (Au, 2010).

Core4All agrees with Kathryn Au in that teachers do teach, but it goes beyond the lessons planned and activities presented in class. It is time for educators across the United States to begin reading the most current research and not only rely on past educational experiences in the classroom, undergraduate studies and masters programs  to teach. Robert Marzano, John Hattie, and Doug Reeves have put in countless hours researching and analyzing data with the hope that educators would read and implement their findings into their classrooms.  

Common Core State Standards +
Common Formative Assessment +
Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum +
Proven Instructional Strategies =
                 Student Achievement

It is the combination of these four pillars that will elevate achievement. 

Teachers play a key role in taking the Common Core State Standards and making them work in their classrooms everyday so that all students have the greatest opportunity to learn skills that will help them in the 21st  century global workplace. Yes, we are artists, continuing to mold and shape our students for successful futures.  Core4All urges teachers to become artistic scientists; use the Common Core State Standards as the curriculum base, create common formative assessments to guide instruction, implement a rich curriculum for students to master, and execute instructional strategies that are proven to be successful.

Core4All is confident that with the combination of the four pillars,
          Curriculum, and
students will become the leaders and innovators of the 21st century.

Soon, Core4All will provide a framework for teachers to help create units of study to improve student achievement. 

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