Urgent!  Danger, Will Robinson. We have a crisis on our hands, let’s bring it down to DEFCON 4 and see what the heck is going on.  It is 2010, and we are still a Nation at Risk,  leaving children behind.  It’s time to refocus our attention to the task at hand:

Help today’s youth become the innovators, thinkers, and leaders of tomorrow. 

What is important for our students to be able to accomplish? 
          What is it that we must focus on in the classroom?

Can we honestly say that we are preparing our students to be productive, global citizens? 

Are we teaching the necessary skills of:
influencing, questioning, creative thinking, analyzing, and evaluating?

Are we successfully educating our diverse learners so that they are ready for post-secondary educational opportunities?  

Data shows that diverse learners, especially our Latino learners, generally perform below the national averages, so we must take the initiative to provide them with the academic tools to succeed in the educational setting and beyond.  We must also strive to improve our own teaching practices and take the time to read the most current research and  implement what instructional strategies actually work in the classroom.  If we continue to educate in a traditional model, as we have done since the one-room school-house, will the US still be the economic, social, military power of the world? 

We must focus on creating leaders.  Our economic, social, and political future of this great nation depends on the success of educating all students!   We must not only focus on the gifted student or the remedial student, but all students. 

What can you do?
The first step is to restructure your curriculum by implementing the Common Core Standards.  It is imperative that you read through the Common Core Standards (www.corestandards.org) and become familiar with them.  These standards truly hit the target and point us in the right direction to promote academic achievement among all our learners.  In a few years, many state assessments will revolve around the Common Core Standards .

The world is changing at a fast pace.  Thomas Friedman informed us that The World is Flat and Tony Wagner explained to us how we can minimize  The Global Achievement Gap. It is time for the educators to rethink how to teach our youth of today.

By focusing on the Common Core Standards and using them as the vehicle for student achievement, we will begin to create the thinkers, innovators, and leaders of tomorrow.